In 2020 key global agreements on biodiversity, sustainable development, climate change and the high seas will be signed or renewed. Despite growing attention towards the links between climate change and sustainable development, the vital role of ecosystems and the implications of biodiversity loss receive far less attention. As a result, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has received far less funding and political support than the UNFCCC.

Recent reports showing that the UK spends as much aid on supporting fossil fuels as it does to tackle climate change through the international climate fund highlights the vital need for the UK to start approaching these issues with greater coherence.

Between now and the 15th COP of the CBD, in November 2020, there is a golden opportunity for the UK to demonstrate it is serious about tackling poverty, climate change and biodiversity loss, and about taking a truly sustainable approach to development.

People and Nature is therefore calling on the UK government to:

 1. Make all UK Aid nature-positive, supporting more integrated interventions that improve people’s lives and enhance the natural environment.

2. Stop harmful investments that destroy nature and contribute to climate change, such as investing in fossil fuels, deforestation, conversion and exploitation of carbon- and nature-rich ecosystems.

3. Negotiate an ambitious deal for people and nature at the Convention on Biological Diversity’s meeting in October 2020 that is integrated with the 2030 development agenda and the Paris Agreement.

“There can be no lasting solution to any of the world’s crises – whether poverty, inequality, or human rights – without real action to save our planet from irreversible, catastrophic climate change and the loss of the natural systems we all rely on. Our leaders need an urgent wake-up call. It is this generation which must take the decisions and the action to ensure humanity has a future on this planet. There is no alternative.”
— Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International